EVENT Details

As has been the tradition in previous years, the early days of the week are very loosely scheduled. PLEASE NOTE: Although the "OFFICIAL" dates are the 30th - 2nd the MAJORITY of event attendees arrive earlier in the week.  Branson has plenty of things to keep you occupied. Come early and stay late. You will be glad you did. 

Due to the liability associated with 100+ cruise through mountainous terrain all cruises are on a "self guided' basis. The event will provide you with everything you need to enjoy yourself  (IE: Printed guides / State maps / meeting place at the hotel) but there there will NOT be an official start or end time to any cruises.  You are free to leave and return (taking whomever you want) at your own pace.

We realize how this freedom may seem very odd at first, but trust us when we say it will quickly become one of your favorite things about the event. Rather than having 300+ people being lead around by a daily schedule the event ends up being 300+ individual customized events based on individual interests. 

Cruise The Rock : 

Over 60 miles of twists & turns, running over and around famous Table Rock Lake, beautiful views with tons of picture opportunities!    

The Peel Ferry Cruise:

Have you ever heard the saying "Over the river and through the woods?"  This cruise is our best BZF interpretation of that! The route is beautiful and offers both driver and passenger a wonderful time. Enjoy hundreds of Ozark Mountain twists and turns, wonderful photo ops, a ride over the lake on the last operational ferry in the state of Missouri and a wonderful detour from everyday life.  

Eureka Springs Cruise:

This cruise (a favorite among the BZF alumni) is a shining example of the Ozark Mountain back roads. Why take the interstate when you can take scenic back roads to fine food, shopping and entertainment in Eureka Springs, AR


Family Reunion BBQ

BBQ meal prepared by volunteers to raise money for charity. In 2015 we were able to raise $760 for hearing aids to help those with hearing disability.  Be sure that you arrive early.  There is NO GUARANTEE that we wont run out of food before we run out of customers. Why do we do it? I'll let Vanessa Spring explain it.  She was the person kind enough to choose the charitable organization for last years event:

Thank you! I am so grateful to you all! It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it, but you people are like family! All I can say is thank you and may you be blessed many times over for your kindness and generosity!
— Vanessa Spring



The 2015 event marked the first year of BZF FUN cross.  Based on the OVERWHELMING positive feedback we expect to remain on our event calendar for many years to come. 

Please note: Due to the time restrictions related to this event participation is limited.  

Details on the location and time of the Fun Cross will be posted here and on the event Facebook page(s) once they have been finalized. 


Car SHow  

Do you think you have a great car? Then join us for the car show. We can't wait to see what you have done to your Z over the last year. The car show takes place on location, at the hotel, on the Branson strip.   According to Missouri traffic surveys, 30,000 people drive by this location everyday! So come and show us your Z!    

BZF Awards (BZF Event)    
Now for the good stuff, the awards! Join us for a witty awards ceremony directly following the car show. Come and see who the winners are! This is a great time to see the organizers make fools of themselves while awarding you for your wonderful car!


 (Note: This MAY or may not be a photo shopped image. Either way WHIBSIB.)

(Note: This MAY or may not be a photo shopped image. Either way WHIBSIB.)

Bring something to sit on, sun block, aspirin and comfortable shoes.  You are going to need that stuff the entire week you are in Branson. Nothing more to say here except for W.H.I.B.S.I.B.